Volunteer Now!

Are you looking for an interesting opportunity where you meet new neighbors and support something that will enhance Newbury’s community?

The Library Capital Campaign is looking for friendly and creative people. Do you have the desire and time to help us achieve the vision of a modernized and expanded community library?

Opportunities include:

Writers: Volunteers can write opinion letters to local papers or can write small blog articles on topics regarding our new library. We’re also looking for someone to perform data input. Team-Expansion are here to help train and guide you as necessary. You can do this from home with flexible hours. Good writing and communication skills are helpful. For data-input, you should be comfortable with web browsers and keyboards.

Outreach: Have you worked a campaign before? Are you comfortable calling prospective donors or meeting them in person? Hours are flexible. Warm and friendly character, a desire to connect with others in an informative approach, and a library passion are the skills you’ll need.

Photographer: Social media, websites and traditional printed pieces rely heavy on the visual. We need someone who can work with subjects and crop photographs that tell a story. Your hours will be scheduled around the kinds of photos we are looking for. Amateur photography skills from your smartphone are fine.

Team-Expansion: We need team members who are willing to help with mass mailings and/or are willing to drop off flyers walking door-to-door before town vote.

Social Media Whiz: Are you Facebook savvy? What about Instagram? Can you upload photos from your mobile device or camera? We need help with all these things to improve our online marketing presence. Work from home during the hours that work for you.

Event Planning & Coordination: Are you imaginative? Do you love to throw parties? Bond together with friends and help us pull community together while having great fun.

Board Member Roles: Can you be involved long-term for outreach, planning and strategy? We are looking for people experienced with campaigning, business management, and/or entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer force, please email Regina Cockerill foundationchair@newburynhlibrary.net or phone the library at 603-763-5803. The fundraising campaign is in progress and we need to have as many team members as possible.

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