Schematics and Layout

Exterior View of Library
The current building will be renovated internally and a new extension, similar in size to the existing structure will be added to the rear, toward the Velie Memorial Playground. This view is taken from Route 103 driving from the Playground entrance toward the town dock.
This view is taken from the Velie Memorial Playground looking toward the Library and Route 103.
The gray area shows the existing structure, which will be renovated. The white areas are new construction. Double doors from the main room lead outside to the Velie Memorial Playground. A landscaped pathway between the children’s library and the children’s playground provides whole-child development opportunities between learning, literacy and physical exercise.
Landscaping design has not been fully developed. This drawing was an initial suggestion. The Trustees intend to meet the request of our focus groups and patrons by building more of a connection between the indoor and outdoor environments. Windows across the back of the library brings in natural sunlight and views of greenery while a dedicated path to the children’s playground provides a larger array of activity options for supervising parents, grandparents or caretakers.
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