Expansion Benefits

A planned program room will allow the library to accommodate the many community programs it organizes and hosts. This room should hold 35 adults or 60 children and will be a flexible space for many community uses. A program space inside the library allows for the storage of materials and a series of classes, rather than one-off events, which is a limitation today.

The expansion will allow us to broaden services and programming for children. A bright, cheerful, expanded children’s space will allow families to engage in learning together with manipulatives, educational technology, makerspace activities, early literacy materials, and cozy reading spots.

A dedicated area for young adults will serve as a safe, productive place during the “critical hours” after school, on weekends, and during the summer months. The library is committed to fueling a love of reading and providing activities and programs for our tweens and teenage population. We will continue to offer STEM activities and may provide programs that focus on workforce development, educational success, and deliver technology education of interest to teens.

The new library will feature flexible space and Internet terminals with up-to-date technology access for everyone. We believe that digital literacy programs will increase and residents will be offered access to technology classes. We aim for two new meeting rooms that will be outfitted to meet the ever-increasing demands by patrons to be connected, stream live, work remotely, complete distance learning activities, and to participate in webinars and web conferencing. The new library will offer:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Modern desktop workstations running popular productivity applications
  • Quiet and flexible workspaces including two meeting rooms with doors
  • Readily available electrical outlets throughout and charging stations

The cost of a much-needed renovation to the existing structure will be reduced when incorporated into an expansive construction project. It may also be possible to keep the library operating in place if the renovation and expansion occur at once. Without an expansion, the library will need to close or operations will need to move for upcoming renovation work.

The Library Director will have a private office with visual control of the building. The volunteers and library staff will have a technical processing room to repair collection pieces and prepare programming. The circulation desk is centrally located.

Members of our focus groups expressed a desire to have the library better connect with the outdoors. Studies have shown that a visual connection to the outdoors increases focus and productivity and provides a sense of well-being. We have double doors leading to the Velie Memorial Playground, a natural connection between learning inside and healthy play outside. We are hoping to landscape the gardens in a way that encourages patrons to sit and read outside, or perhaps have a small outdoor theater or movie space.

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