Campaign Update – July

$50,000 Raised

At the end of July, our first month of awareness and outreach, we have raised $51,207 toward support of the library expansion project. While $17,000 is in cash donations, $34,000 are pledged donations.

What’s a Pledged Donation?

A pledged donation means you commit to paying your contracted donation once voters have approved the building project, and all financing has been arranged. You can pledge over 1, 2, or 3 years. For example, if you wanted to give the gift of a meeting room for the cost of $30,000. You could pledge to pay $10,000 each year for 3 years. Your gift will be noted in our beautiful, modern town library with a plaque of thanks.

Another idea is for you, your relatives, your club, or your colleagues to band together under a single name (i.e., The Smith Family) and gift a piece of the new library to the people of Newbury.

The best part is:

  • If the town voters approve the project and its benefits, you don’t pay until the project is underway. Your payments are more affordable, being spread out over a few years. Pledging is a win-win for you all the way around.
  • If this project fails to pass the town voters, you lose nothing but your enthusiasm for an expanded building.
There’s nothing to lose — But a lot to give

If you have already donated, we thank you. If not, it’s time to jump on board, join us as we move forward toward a building that can offer modernized services, programs, and opportunities in Newbury. Click Here & Pledge Now!

2 thoughts on “Campaign Update – July

  1. In order to properly prepare my tax forms, I would need to know the year of my contribution. If I contribute now in the form of a check, which tax year is affected?


    1. Hi John,
      Great to hear from you. The year we accept (and contractually deposit) your donation is the IRS transaction year. If we can deposit your check before December 31, 2019, your contribution falls into tax year 2019 and you can take your tax deduction on 2019 taxes.

      If you pledge to support our library project, you won’t be invoiced until all financing is secure for the building. Once we invoice and then receive your check, we will cash it in that future year. Your tax deduction will be good for that future year.

      Thank you for your consideration of donating to public education and community in Newbury. A modernized library has the capacity to positively transform the quality of life for our local residents.


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