Join Us in Building Newbury's Future

You Are Indispensable to the Future of Our Town Library,
the Heart of Our Community.

The Time is Now

For the sake of the community we love, the time is now to renovate and expand the heart of our community. Our library was last expanded over 20 years ago. We have more than quadrupled annual patron visits since that time, and our collections and aspirations have grown beyond the space planned for in the previous expansion. Thanks to our dedicated librarians, and despite space limitations, our library offers an large collection of physical and digital materials, and an impressive number of programs and activities for children and adults alike, fulfilling our goal to provide free and open access to information that supports education for all ages. The Trustees recognize that to best serve the community, more space would provide the opportunity for beneficial capabilities we do not have today.

On March 11th, 2020, Newbury voters supported a $200,000 Warrant Article to investigate engineering and soils reports and create full architectural plans. The Trustees are hoping 2022 will be the year the town sees full funding and construction.

We need your help now.

Please consider volunteering your time for us, hosting a small gathering in your home for an information evening, or letting us know that you are willing to state publicly that this is a community cause you support. Supporters build supporters.

We are planning to raise some of the building costs through private donations. We are fundraising now. Donate now and join the charge. We are counting on you. You are indispensable to our beautiful community of Newbury.

For more information, contact Foundation Chair Jeanne Palleiko ((603) 401-0423‬) or talk to Library Director Lea McBain ((603) 763-5803).

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